Copenhagen Charity Week – (CCW) is inspired by “International Charity Work” but has its own unique identity.  Copenhagen Charity Week (CCW) is a digital platform for NPO’s and combine the fashion industry’s yearly fashion week, with our version of a charity week. Ideally, we would like to transform the fashion industry and create new opportunities for different non-profit organizations to fundraise through fashion consumers.

CCW’s main focus is on developing a digital platform for the Non-profit organizations that focuses on generating PR for the NPO’s and helps within fundraising activities by collecting money for the different charitable causes.

One of the major PR activities on the platform is to develop a sustainable charity week called Copenhagen Charity Week, based on the elements of fashion, product development, charity auctions and fundraising to increase brand awareness, and profit for the Non-profit organizations. The chosen charity activities are: Charity product lounge, Product development, Charity auctions, Product sales, Stock sales both online, and off-line, where 75 % of the sales goes to NPOs involved in Copenhagen Charity Week.

Copenhagen Charity Week – (CCW) is an innovative digital platform that:

  • Connects non-profit organizations to co-create value
  • Provides bridge-building to the fashion industry with a focus on sustainability
  • Provides a range of services within charity
  • Is funded by corporate & private sponsors as well as business partnerships
  • Initially driven by founder, interns and volunteers
  • Provides event services within half yearly charity week, auction and charity dinners

Since 2012 Copenhagen Charity Week has been responsible of fundraising 1.2DKK million to NGOs through charity events.

Founder of Copenhagen Charity Week

Laura Petersen