Become CCW business partner

CSR-work and partnerships with different companies is a central part of CCW, to ensure at we can help the NPOs though sponsorships, and funding. CCR CSR-work is to help the NPOs in out platform to increase the profit and develop projects a-long with the NPOs that co-create value and support their overall strategy.

Though a partnership with CCW your company can help us fundraise though multiple channels, make a change within the world, though the different creative charity causes, auctions and events. This will ensure your company within activities that focus on society and the environment changes.

CCW strategic work is concerned with the different approaches to sustaiable solutions where your company can increase value though social awearness, that will support your own company profile and create loyalty.




Danish Red Cross. Barnelandet, Zimabwe, Mwenezi District. Food distribution to families with members who are sick and to child headed households. Photo: Tomas Bertelsen.